Pridefloat FAQ's

How can I get electricity at Pridefloat?

GENERATORS over 85 decibels (The old loud units) are NOT ALLOWED at Pridefloat because they simply jangle everyone's last nerve.

Generators below 85 decibels (like motor homes and R.V. units)should only be operating from 8am to 7pm.

INVERTERS have UNLIMITED OPERATING PRIVELIDGES. Please consider investing in an inverter unit. They are SO much quieter than a generator.

Can I just come without Pre-Registering?
Nope. It is a Pre-Registration event only.

Is there a limit on how many people can attend?

Not anymore - starting in 2013!

Why did Pridefloat change its dates?

Many reasons. A few of the main reasons were the heat, the water levels in the river, generator noise (for A.C.) will be less, and we no longer have to limit our event to 450 people.There were more - but these are the big ones.

Why is the deadline for registering cut off 3 weeks in advance?
Because of production and shipping times for the T-Shirts.

Why can’t I call the campground and make reservations with them directly?
You can, however you will not be allowed to camp with us as part of the PRIDEFLOAT function nor will you be allowed at the free Beer Bust or in our reserved area to party with us.

Pridefloat operates on a very slim budget and part of your entry fee of $50 is for your free T- Shirt, gratuities for our providers, cash prizes for contest winners, paying for gate security on Friday and Saturday nights, paying for a DJ, paying for artwork, paying for the beer and the ice for your Beer Bust, the free souveniers you get every year, website server hosting fees, annual website updates, wristbands, stamps, paperwork, and paying $20/hour for data entry and envelope stuffing and mailing time setting up this event. This event does not happen for free and if you want to party with us, you are expected to support the event.


Should I send  my Entry Form individually or with the rest of the group I am camping with?

It is MUCH MUCH easier if your entire group will send ALL of their entries together in the same envelope and make ONE payment for the entire group. PLEASE do not staple - use paper clips.

Where do I send my completed entry form?
PRIDEFLOAT   PO Box  15205  Kansas City  MO  64106

How do I communicate with Pridefloat to ask questions and to verify registration?

E-Mail:  Official communication is NOT communicated via Facebook or Twitter.

Why don’t we re-locate to a campground with electrical hook-ups?
Because there is not a campground / outfitter that is as friendly, secure, supportive, centrally located, liberal, dependable, and affordable as the one we now enjoy. They have our backs and they support us so we support them.

Why do we go to the same location year after year?
Because we can not find another outfitter on any other river that is able to accomodate a group as large as ours (or would be WILLING to) in addition to not being able to find a campground to go with the outfitter. We have been going there since 1993.

What is the ratio of men to women at Pridefloat?

Roughly 80% men / 20% women. Of course that changes every year.

Are pets welcome?
All pets must be kept on a leash and/or secured at all times. Owners are expected to pick up the poop left behind. Obnoxious barking dogs should NOT be brought to Pridefloat.

What about children?

You must be 21 years of age to attend. No kids. This is an adult party.

Why doesn't Pridefloat adopt an on-line payment process?
Because we would need a Gateway Vendor like Pay-Pal or Cyber Source for which there are annual fees, a secure site which requires a SSL certificate for $100 a year, Master Card/Visa charge between 2-3 % on each transaction, there would be fees for building and maintaining the on-line database, and (if that's not enough), a merchant account to our bank account would cost us more money. In short, it is a once-a-year event, not a 24/7/365 business, and it is a canoe/camping trip. It just ain't worth it in a nutshell. We would rather spend ALL of the money we get for prize money and for the contests and buying you guys your free beer and free souviniers!

How early can I arrive?
You can arrive as early as Monday AFTER 1:00 pm - but you will have to pay additional camping fees. Your registration fee of $50 covers your camping costs from Thursday evening to Noon on Monday ONLY and your canoe/raft rental.

How long can I stay?
All Pridefloaters are expected to be off of the premises no later than noon on Monday. You may stay additional time if you pay for additional nights camping costs.

Is Pridefloat connected to any PRIDE events in Kansas City or St.Louis or any other city?
Nope. Just a bunch of guys who like to party and see other people having a good time as well.

Is the Pridefloat Logo a legally registered Trademark?
Absolutely! Our logo is registered personal property of one of our Camp Daddies. Any unauthorized use of our logo is prohibited!

Hell Yes I want to be a part of PRIDEFLOAT!